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"Cynthia Rose reimagines vintage jewelry with a modern aesthetic
to create bespoke pieces with an elegant edge that remain timeless."

Cynthia Rose 2021.094499LR.jpg

A twenty year fashion industry veteran, Cynthia's namesake collection was synonymous with transforming couture fabrics and intricate beading into elaborate one-of-a-kind creations. A natural pivot to the extraordinary world of jewelry fulfilled a lifelong passion of collecting exquisite gems with illustrious histories. "each one has its own story, and I'm writing its next chapter", she says.

Cynthia's innate talent to repurpose these antique treasures into modern day masterpieces all began with a visit to her own jewelry box. There she discovered a remarkable 14kt gold four leaf clover laden with pearls that she reimagined with dozens of radiant diamonds and the Cynthia Rose Jewelry Collection was born. Working closely with master artisans in New York City allows her imaginative visions to come to life.

Her love of color and texture is celebrated and continuously found in her jewelry collection in the most unexpected ways. Whether creating a new collection, modernizing heirloom charms or curating her signature layered looks, Cynthia continues to dream up new ways to make her pieces undeniably unique. Her loyal clients are true collectors, never following a trend but always in style.

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